Cybook Gen3 release delayed until october, PDF support added

The launch of Bookeen’s awaited Cybook Gen3 ebook reading device has been delayed until October 2007. We have already delivered several engineering samples and are making slight adjustments in the final steps of mass production.
As a benefit, the PDF format will be supported on the Cybook Gen3 directly with the first product release. We are using this delay to enhance our software offer. PDF support was a major step for Bookeen and was planned as being part of a next upgrade. The new timing allows us to have PDF up and running for the release.
For its first release, the Cybook Gen3 will support encrypted Mobipocket ebooks and display HTML, Text, PalmDoc and finally PDF files. A new version of the Mobipocket reader for desktop will be also released in the next weeks by This new program, which runs on a PC host, will detect and synchronize automatically with the Cybook Gen3. Buying, downloading and transferring an ebook file to the Cybook Gen3 becomes a child’s game.
Best regards,
Bookeen team

29 thoughts on “Cybook Gen3 release delayed until october, PDF support added

  1. Fantastic! Really looking forward to this.Wish list for future updates:* .chm support* Ability to copy files to the cybook without using any special software (not clear if this is already the case)


  2. Hello Jind and Michael,.chm support will not be available on first release and will be added later via a free firmware/software upgrade.You can copy and transfer files to the Cybook without any special software. As you connect using USB cable your Cybook to your host computer (PC Windows, Linux or Mac), the device is recognized as an external USB drive. You just need to drag and drop your files in this new drive (as you do with a USB key).Both encrypted and unencrypted PRC (Mobipocket format) are supported.Regards,Michael (For Bookeen)


  3. Hi,I am also very interested in Cybook. Looking forward to buying one when it becomes available. I have one question related to PDF: how about PDF files which are formatted for A4? Will cybook automatically change page breaks (flow) in order to actually scale the document? Will it be possible to increase/decrease font size? Without reflowing A4 PDF’s may be unreadable due to small font sizes.Regards,Krzysztof


  4. I want one now!! :)Glad to see Mobipocket formatted books will be supported (I’ve hundreds that I use with my iLiad).One query ~ will battery be replaceable at end of life by user or will it have to be returned to supplier for replacement like the iLiad.


  5. Your blog mentions support for Palm Doc format books. Are you using MobiPocket for that or seperate reader software? I currently have tons of books in the Palm Doc format from there store and ones I’ve created using there eBook Studio. I’ve used Palm’s reader software, MobiPocket, iSilo and several others but have always gone back to the Palm reader for reading because every single other reader program I’ve tried always seems to be incredably slower on the Palm. (that may not be a problem with the Cybook Gen3) So in addition to my first question I am also currious as to how open the Cybook Gen3 will be to third party reader programs. Or will all formats once incorperated in the reader be opened with only one reader program?


  6. Hi Bookeen,I just found your site via I was looking for opinions on the Sony PRS-500 (I am new to the eReader-market so I didn’t even know about the Cybook). With the PRS-505 and the Cybook Gen3 about to be released I’m holding my breath before buying. But there are already two things in favour of the Cybook:1. This blog – I’d hate to buy from such a seclusive company as Sony. Here people can actually talk to you and that’s great. I immediately subscribed to the RSS-feed.2. I’d rather buy from a French company ;-)I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a great product. Good luck!Greetings from Germany,Tobias


  7. I am also curious about Palm doc reading capabilities. I would like to know if this means that I will be able to read secure .pdb books from This would be a major plus as it seems that palm PDA only devices are fading away. The screen on my Treo is too small for me. I have been really undecided about buying the Cybook, but if it can read secure palm ebooks, I will definitely buy one.Ellen Hage


  8. How will pdf documents look on the Cybook? Will there be deterioration in quality? or problems with font size? I’ve heard many complaints about the way pdf documents look on other ereaders (such as sony’s ereader). My main interest in the Cybook is for its pdf support. I have hundreds of pdf’s that I would love have at hand at any moment.


  9. Hm, I don’t know. The new Sony has 8 levels of gray and better battery life, but the Cybook has other nice features like using your own fonts, justified or left-aligned text, the UI looks really good and I prefer Mobipocket over BBeB as I’m using Linux and can’t use Sonys Connect software.Other things that will influence my decision which one to buy will be price (of course) and if the Cybook will have folder support (I really need that).The new Sony costs 300$ right now, because I live in the EU the price will be much higher because of shipping, tax and the like and I won’t have warranty. Given the current $/€ exchange rate the end price will probably be around 350€.Compared to that if the Cybook will cost the announced 350€ and shipping will be extra the Cybook will be more expensive than the Sony, but then again you will have warranty if you live in the EU.I don’t know which one to buy yet, I’ll wait until the Cybook is released …


  10. hmmmm…I do see some information about the 8 levels of grey, however it is not consistant with release docs. Guess a phone call will clear it up tomorrow. If it is 8 level of grey and was changed at the last moment I wonder if it’s firmware upgrade.–


  11. Adam,as far as I know RTF will be supported.Matzl,some months ago they said the Cybook will cost 350€ and the deluxe edition 450€ — don’t know if that’s still true.


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