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UPDATE 24 July: Thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic replies! We’ve received all the feedback we need for this question. We really appreciate your participation, and we’ll surely request feedback on more topics in future, so keep watching our blog!

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As fans and ebook reader enthusiasts, Bookeen would like to have your opinion on a product question. If you’re willing to receive an email and respond rapidly, please leave a comment here. Be sure to fill in your email address (it will not be published), and we’ll contact you with our question.

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14 Responses to “Your opinion interests us!”

  1. Mathias Frankl says:

    Okay – ask me-…. ;-)

  2. Catherine Hurbain says:

    Always ready to help ;)

  3. Daniel says:

    Sure, ask away

  4. Sanni Laine says:

    Sure, you can send me your question :)

  5. FredV says:

    I’ll be happy to help…

  6. Matthias Sahlmann says:

    I hope, my english will be good enough!

  7. Dis McCarthy says:

    Sure, why not

  8. mitja_i says:

    Sure, ask me anything!

  9. Jason Marshall says:

    Happy to help.

  10. Josef Slovacek says:

    Sure, I want to help you.

  11. l heureux alain says:

    integrez AUX GALOPS DE L INCONNU PDF sur cybook de booken gratuitement je suis a compte d auteur sans pretention……

  12. Andrei says:

    Sure, I am ready to help!

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