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Cybook Screensaver Contest: presenting our Cybook Stars!

Friday, October 4th, 2013

We are very excited to announce the winners of our Cybook Screensaver Contest!

In case you missed it, the contest was to create a new Cybook screensaver image. The creators of the winning images win fabulous prizes including a Cybook or a Cybook accessory of their choice, and the winning image will be included on the new Cybook Ocean along with our official screensavers!

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who participated! We received such wonderful images, some funny, some poetic, all of them inventive! Choosing one first-prize winner was no easy task… in fact we ended up with TWO winners!

Bravo to Mayda A. and Yves G., who each win the Cybook of their choice! We’re delighted to present their images, which will be featured as screensavers on our Cybooks:

This reinterpretation of “La Liseuse” (“The Reader”) by Fragonard was created by Yves G.

Fragonard’s La Liseuse, by Yves G.

Here’s his explanation:

“I thought the painting of “the Reader” by Fragonard would be a good subject for an e-reader. To build another bridge between art and technology, I created a program which recomposes the painting using only letters. The blurry areas are the result of dozens of letters grouped together.”

This image is composed of 89999 letters!

Mayda A. sent us a beautiful ink drawing entitled “Aspri Lexi” which means “White Word” in Greek. “It portrays several aspects of reading and the written word: the enlightenment of our souls, the unlocking of knowledge, the timelessness of words, the introspective journey of our hearts and minds, the building of new realities, the branching of our roots…”

We found her drawing really beautiful, and we asked her if she could make a variation of it specifically for the Cybook. Here is the result:

Ink drawing “Travelling with words” by Mayda A., for Bookeen

In second place, we have another tie! Congratulations to Lydie B. whose image evokes the “secret garden” of reading,

The Reader, by Lydie B.

and Hervé L., for his image which is sure to strike a chord amongst fans of literary encounters of the third kind, and of Douglas Adams! It explains a lot about those mysterious objects in the sky. Clearly aliens don’t have Cybooks! (The caption at the bottom says: “*You’ll do anything when you have nothing left to read.”)

Books of the third type, by Hervé L.

Each will receive the Cybook accessory of their choice, or a gift certificate good for ebooks from the Bookeen Store!

The People’s Choice Prize

For the first time, in addition to our own selection, we’re awarding a “People’s Choice” prize, chosen by you!

The votes have been counted on our blog, our Facebook page and our Pinterest album, and we’d like to congratulate Matthias S., with 123 votes altogether! Bravo to him, he’s won a Cybook accessory of his choice.

Don’t touch Matthias’ Cybook!

See all the images in our Pinterest album and our Facebook album.

Your favourite image didn’t win? Don’t forget that you can personalise the screensaver on your Cybook with the image of your choice! :)

Feeling inspired? Set your imagination free and create your own screensaver image! Our Pinterest and Facebook albums will remain open, and we’d be thrilled to see any images you’d like to share with us and the whole Bookeen community!

Again, congratulations to all our winners, a heartfelt thank you to all who participated, and happy reading to everyone!

Bookeen Team

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Cybook Parade: are you a winner?

Friday, April 13th, 2012

The (very) private life of the Cybook Odyssey…

We all know Cybooks love to travel, but they also appreciate the comforts of home ! Thanks to our intrepid Bookeeners, here’s a glimpse into the (very) private life of the Cybook Odyssey… and the winners of this round of our contest!

Careful not to splash!

Thanks to J-S V. for this lovely and relaxing photo! (If you’d like to try this at home, we recommend protecting your Cybook with a ziploc bag). I’m coveting that bathtub now… J-S V., would you mind subletting it to me from time to time?

Clearly it's true love... of reading!

From the bathtub to the bedroom… that must be an awfully good book! Thanks to Isa B. for this very sexy photo!

"On Neumarkt Place in Dresden, my Odyssey plays hide-and-seek with the Frauenkirche"

Laure G. takes us back outside for some fresh air and this magnificent view of the Frauenkirche in Dresden!

Our three winners will receive an accessory of their choice for their Cybook. Congratulations!

Our contest ends here (until the next time…) but the Cybook Parade continues on our facebook page; take a look at the photos sent by Bookeeners from all over the world, and feel free to send your own, if the mood strikes you!

Thank you again to all who participated, we absolutely love to see your photos!

Happy reading !

Bookeen Team

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Cybook Parade: first winners!

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Thanks to all of you for your participation ! The photos you sent in were creative, surprising, and funny. We loved all of them and it was really difficult to narrow down our selection! You can see all the photos in our facebook album “Cybook Parade“.

For this first round of prizes, we’ve selected 3 scenes: one in nature, one with a somewhat unusual use of a Cybook, and one in a place which is usually private but where reading often happens! Without further ado, our winners:

Lesen unter baeumen by Florian B.

Here is Patrice B.’s Cybook hard at work

David D. takes his Cybook absolutely everywhere

Bravo to our winners! We can’t wait to see the next photos we’ll receive for our Cybook Parade, stay tuned to discover our future winners in the next weeks.

To your cameras!

Bookeen team

How it works: you’re out and about with your Cybook. You take a photo of it, wherever you are, wherever you like to read… in your comfy chair, in your garden, in the café, in the park, in the subway, at the beach, on holiday…

The photos will be posted in our facebook album “Cybook Parade”; you can upload them directly to our page, or email them to communityATbookeenDOTcom; please mention “Cybook Parade” in the subject line.

We welcome photos of all Cybooks but this time the focus will be on the Cybook Odyssey, the newest member of the family!

The best photos will win a prize! If your photo is selected, you’ll win a cover or other accessory for your Cybook. The winners will be announced on our blog, every 2 weeks for the duration of the contest (one month).

The small print: by sending us your photo, you agree that we can post it on facebook and / or on our website / in articles about Bookeen.

Cybook Opus: the best of

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Bookeen is very proud that the Cybook Opus has been declared the best reading device by Germany’s prestigious consumer site, who have awarded it the Stiftung Warentest prize out of a total of 14 devices, after precise and rigourous testing.

Our german-speaking readers can get more information and read the complete test here.

Cybook Opus: the best of