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Bookeen confirms its position as a main actor in the e-book industry by partnering up with the E.Leclerc hypermarket chain, the second biggest bookshop in France.

Thursday, October 15th, 2015
Press Release Bookeen / E.Leclerc: Paris, October 14th, 2015

e-librairie E.Leclerc

In order to develop its e-bookshop offer, E.Leclerc has chosen Bookeen, the French e-book pioneer for over 12 years, to provide a complete digital reading solution called “e-librairie E.Leclerc”. By sharing it’s know-how to the mastermind of “Espace Culturel E.Leclerc”, Bookeen has gathered a new major actor with its digital offer.

Bookeen supplies a full e-book solution combining a performing content platform (, two e-readers from the Cybook Muse range (and accessories), Android and iOS Apps (“Ma Liseuse”), cloud synchronization and a catalogue of 170 000 e-books (in French only) right from the start.

Starting October 14th, this offer will be available in 500 retail points, meaning every single 215 “Espace Culturel E.Leclerc” and also hundreds of hypermarkets and supermarkets from E.Leclerc chain. With them, Bookeen reinforces its market diversification as well as the presence of a first-class French-made alternative to face international brands such as Amazon and Kobo.

This agreement confirms both the technical excellence of Bookeen products but also the approach of maintaining the chain and bookseller at core in the relationship with the reader.

Michaël Dahan, Bookeen’s Chief Executive Officer:

“The launch of its digital reading offer by the second largest bookstore chain in France is a strong signal made to market. This new initiative comforts us in the leitmotivs that has been thrilling us over the last 12 years: independence, opening, and quality. Fundamentals that caught the attention of a company who has always been able to provide the best products to its customers. We are very enthusiastic to partner with E.Leclerc on this new category.”

About Bookeen

Bookeen offers full digital reading solutions under the brand name Bookeen or white labeled. Pioneer on this market since 2003, Bookeen supplies its partners with a technical solution composed of E Ink innovating e-readers, ebookstores (online, or on e-readers) and apps synchronized within the cloud. Bookeen operates in more than 20 countries every year such as Brazil, Sweden, France, Spain, Russia, Hungary, Germany…

Major worldwide players use Bookeen-made solutions: Saraiva (the number one bookstore chain in Brazil), Carrefour (France, Spain, Belgium), Relay (France), Adlibris (the leading internet bookstore in northern Europe)…

Products and digital solutions are designed by Bookeen in Paris. Bookeen is a French Tech company.

About Espace Culturel E.Leclerc

Founded in 1995, “Espace Culturel E.Leclerc” is a main actor in the distribution of cultural goods in France. Real meeting point, the “Espaces Culturels E.Leclerc” allow access to culture to a large number of people: more than 90% of points of sale are located in cities of less than 80 000 habitants, in which 40% are towns of less than 15 000 habitants. The 215 “Espaces Culturels E.Leclerc” are striving every day in order to facilitate access to culture everywhere in France through the points of sale, welcoming places for dialogue. The brand is constantly looking for a greater accessibility to cultural goods, through geographical zone, price strategy, but also an ambitious product offer. In 2015, “Espace Culturel E.Leclerc” positions itself as the favorite cultural retailer for French people (OC&C Strategy Consultants study done in June 2015).

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For more information and details about Bookeen, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Jean-François Kitten,
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For more information and details about E.Leclerc, please contact: / 01 56 69 73 85.

Sunpartner Technologies and Bookeen Combine Solar Energy and E-Readers

Monday, March 2nd, 2015
Press release: Paris, Barcelona, March 2, 2015.

At Mobile World Congress 2015, Sunpartner Technologies and Bookeen, a pioneering e-reader maker, will announce the signing of a joint development agreement to marry Wysips® technology to Bookeen e-readers. Their new solar e-reader solution offers consumers unprecedented battery life and hours of uninterrupted reading.

Bookeen and Sun

Battery life is a key challenge in the global market for e-readers (10 million sold in 2014). Thanks to Sunpartner Technologies and Bookeen, using the invisible photovoltaic component Wysips®, this problem is about to be a thing of the past.

Longer Autonomy, Less Money

E-readers consume less power than other personal electronic devices. Their e-ink technology uses significantly less energy than other displays (LCD and OLED) because they only draw on the battery to load the page.

With Wysips® components, co-developed by Bookeen and Sunpartner Technologies, the e-readers solution can now recharge their batteries from light energy, whether natural or artificial. Scheduled to reach the market in 2016, this solar-powered product will be the champion of e-reading on the go.

A Shining Partnership

For Ludovic Deblois, CEO of Sunpartner Technologies, “This new partnership with a French Tech pioneer like Bookeen in the e-reader market demonstrates the practical added value of Wysips® for users of mobile and connected devices.”

As for Michael Dahan, co-founder and CEO of Bookeen, “Our partnership with Sunpartner Technologies combines the creativity of two French companies that deliver real innovation to our customers.”

About Sunpartner Technologies

Sunpartner Technologies is a high-tech engineering company specializing in Solar NETs (New Energy Technologies). Since 2008, they’ve been developing the transparent PV component Wysips® that seamlessly integrates into any surface, transforming it into a solar panel. Based in Aix-en-Provence, France and growing worldwide, the company regularly receives awards both for its innovation and from the business community, such as the Nobel Sustainability® Clean Tech Company award in 2013 and Technology Pioneer 2014 from the World Economic Forum.

About Bookeen

Based in Paris, France, Bookeen is the European leader in e-reading solutions. The incomparable quality of its solutions and e-readers have enabled them to develop partnerships with both large chains and independent bookstores, as well as several leading large-scale retailers such as the Brazilian Saraiva group and the Carrefour group for example.

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Contact Presse  Sunpartner Technologies
Marion Chanson
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Contacts Presse Bookeen
Clarisse Lazerges,
+33 (0) 1 83 64 77 06
Jean-François Kitten,
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