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Late 2010: The Cybook Orizon and the Bookeen Store

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Bookeen Story: Chapter 4

In light of the success of the 5-inch Cybook Opus, Bookeen decides to complete their offer with a larger model. In addition, this new Cybook will offer an on-board bookstore, accessible via wifi, and a touchscreen interface.

The goal of creating a super-thin device requires Bookeen’s team to perform technical prowesses, as Bookeen intends to propose a large screen device with an innovative design, without sacrificing the solidity and robustness of the reader.

At the end of October 2010, Bookeen pulls out all the stops with the launch of the Cybook Orizon, available in white and black, and the launch of their on-board bookshop, the Bookeen Store, with over 30,000 french-language books available.

The design of the Orizon is extremely elegant. Its extraordinarily thin profile, only 7.6mm, makes it the thinnest reader in the world.

Cybook Orizon, photo by Deividas T.

With this new arrival, Bookeen proposes on the one hand a highly portable reader, the 5’’ Cybook Opus, and on the other hand the larger 6’’ Cybook Orizon, with a touchscreen interface and on-board bookstore.

These two Cybooks will be the stars of a poster campaign in the Parisian subway, to coincide with the Paris Book Fair.

Serial reader?

Hungry for books?

The Cybook Orizon meets with great success during the holidays.

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Cybook Opus and Orizon, now more affordable than ever!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Starting today, Bookeen makes ebooks more accessible by offering great deals on Cybook Opus and Cybook Orizon.

The Cybook Opus, at under 130€: the lightest 5″ reader in the world, the Cybook Opus is the perfect companion. Slip it into your pocket to read whenever and wherever you like. Load it with up to 1000 books* and you’ll always have something to read!

The Cybook Orizon, at under 150€: its sleek profile, the thinnest in the world, offers a 6″ touchscreen, and thanks to the built-in WiFi connection, download your next book in just seconds.

All Cybooks benefit from Bookeen’s years of expertise as a pioneer in electronic books since 1998.

Order your Cybook from our Bookeen Store, or from one of our resellers.

*internal memory 1Gb, expandable via microSD memory card.

Bookeen answers: Bluetooth on the Orizon

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Following some questions from our users, we confirm that the Cybook Orizon is compatible with a Bluetooth connection as announced, as the device contains all the necessary elements for this type of connection. However, and Bookeen apologises for this to our customers who are waiting for this feature, we have encountered some unexpected difficulties which have prevented us from implementing this feature so far.

We are doing our best to add this feature as quickly as possible and fulfill this expectation. We appreciate your patience and comprehension.

We would love to know how you intend to use the Bluetooth and why this feature interests you; please feel free to tell us your plans in the comments.

Happy reading,

Bookeen Team

The Cybook Orizon now only 199.99€

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Starting today, the Cybook Orizon is available for a new reduced price of 199.99€!

Take advantage to discover the world’s thinnest ebook-reader, now even better thanks to the recent firmware upgrade. Find it in Bookeen’s online store and from our resellers.