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At last, news of the Cybook Orizon!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Yesterday I got to hold in my hands a real Cybook Orizon; after the mock-ups and prototypes it’s really exciting to see the final product really exist! We know you’ve been dying for some news and how impatient you are. So without further ado, in a world-wide sneak preview, the very first real photos (not 3D renders) of the Cybook Orizon:

Cybook Orizon Black

Cybook Orizon White

The two models have a bicolored case, with a black front and white back or the other way around.

It’s incredibly thin but really feels solid and robust, thanks to our reinforcement specifically to protect the screen. And the back of the case feels really nice to the touch; the black one has a velvety texture, and the white one has a glossy lacquer finish. The definitive dimensions are: width  4.9” (125,7mm), height 7.5” (189,49mm), and only 0.29” (7,6mm) thick, that’s incredibly thin! It weighs 8.6oz. and has a 6” screen, 600×800 pixels for a 167 dpi resolution, and 16-level greyscale.

The touchscreen is impressive: very sensitive, really fast, and since the touch layer is integrated in the screen there is no glare or distortion. There are some amazing touch features, we’ll be unveiling them soon and I think you’ll love them. First clue: I saw Google in a screen…

Not all the details are available yet but the good news is that as we get closer to launch I’ll be giving you more information right here, sometimes before it’s released anywhere else!  And in fact we’ll be saving a few other special advantages for our faithful readers…

The Cybook Orizon adventure continues next week!

On May 7, Cybook OPUS comes in 7 new colours with upgraded features, for the ultimate in eBook democratization!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Bookeen is happy to announce that the Opus in 7 new colours will be available in stores starting May 7.

It’s the same Opus so many of you know and love, but better. You can still carry up to 1000 books in a mere 150 grams, or up to 8000 more by adding an optional microSD card; enough to carry your entire library in the palm of your hand. The accelerometer means it’s equally comfortable in your left hand or your right hand, and lets you switch between portrait and landscape displays automatically. You still have the choice of 12 different font sizes, to suit everyone’s eyes and preferences. And it’s still compatible with most major online booksellers so you can easily load it up with any of the millions of classics available or recent best-sellers in a couple of clicks.

Now, improved battery life means up to 15 days or 8500 pages on a single charge. Go from “zero” to “reading” in 1 second thanks to the new sleep mode, and start reading instantly whenever you have a few minutes available; no more waiting 15 seconds to get back to your book. And of course, a bouquet of beautiful new colours to choose from. In addition to the classic white, on May 7, the new-look, enriched-feature Cybook Opus will come in 7 colours: black, silver, blue, red, pink, green and orange.

What’s your favourite colour?

Happy reading!
The Bookeen Team

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Interview with Bookeen on

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010


A very nice and long interview of Michael Dahan (one of the two Bookeen co-founders). he talks about his company, his products and his vision of the business in the blog resource.

Enjoy it’s just below:

Best regards,

Bookeen Team

Cybook Opus on Home Shopping Network

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010


Cybook Opus is available on Home Shopping Network for a special USD $199.95 offer.

For the ones, who want to have a great demo of the product, check the video.


Best regards,

Bookeen Team