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The family of Bookeen e-readers is expanding with two new Muse models!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
PRESS RELEASE: Paris, october 18, 2016

Bookeen wishes for all book lovers to fulfill their passion for reading. Muse Light becomes the first illuminated reader for small budgets and Muse HD the premium reader for fans of digital reading.

Cybook Muse Light

Cybook Muse Light

Cybook Muse Light

45%* of book lovers read in the dark before going to bed and incorporated illumination has become one of the favorite functionalities of readers, now available on our entry-level reader.

With Muse Light, Bookeen adds to its range a compact, black reader with an E-ink Carta screen (resolution 800 x 600, 167 ppi), feather light (at only 155g) and FrontLight technology. Muse Light integrates an intuitive interface, an access to ebooks stores and free content.

This reading companion is perfect for those who seek a complete illuminated e-reader at a fair price.

Muse Light will be available at less than 100€

Cybook Muse HD

Book lovers read often and more. In addition to physical books, they seek an e-reader that offers the best of digital reading.

Cybook Muse HD meets their expectations.

Cybook Muse HD

Cybook Muse HD

This e-reader offers an optimal reading experience thanks to its last generation E-Ink Carta HD screen 1448 x1072 (300 ppi) that offers finesse and character sharpness, a high contrast level for black letters and paper white pages.

Thanks to an edge to edge screen, Muse HD has a pure line and a refined elegance.

To offer the reader an ideal environment for his literary adventures, Bookeen has selected a soft casing bringing comfort when holding Muse HD, enhanced by the presence of buttons to easily turn the pages.

The storage capacity has been doubled to achieve 8GB and allow readers to carry even more books.

The e-readers is equipped with an intuitive and rich interface offering an enhanced reading experience thanks to functionalities like book progression (very useful for night reading, when you are tired but the book keeps you awake) or the export of notes.

Cybook Muse HD offers, like all other Bookeen e-readers, access to ebook stores and free content.

Muse HD will be available at less than 130€

A complete range for all users

With 4 e-readers, the Cybook Muse range offers a large choice

Cybook Muse (600×800, E-ink Carta, 155g, 4 GB)

Cybook Muse Light (600×800, E-ink Carta, 155g, 4 GB, Frontlight)

Cybook Muse FrontLight (758×1024, E-ink Carta, 190g, 4 GB, Frontlight, edge to edge)

Cybook Muse HD (1448×1072, E-ink Carta, 180g, 8 GB, Frontlight, edge to edge)

For Michael Dahan, founder of Bookeen, “With the arrival of these two new readers, the Muse family now offers to all users a reading solution according to their needs. From an illuminated e-reader at a low price to an elegant top-range product, Bookeen offers everyone the ideal product. These new products will be sold in more than 500 retail stores in the world by the end of the year”.


The new readers will be available from October 20, on and numerous shops worldwide.

Price on

Cybook Muse Light: 89,90€

Cybook Muse HD: 129,90€

Bookeen in short

Based in Paris, Bookeen has been the French experts in e-readers since 1998. The superiority of its technical quality and its digital reading solutions have allowed Bookeen to develop partnerships with large retailers, independent bookstores, and numerous distribution leaders like Brazil’s Saraiva, Carrefour Group in several European countries, Adlibris in Sweden, Norways, Finland or E.Leclerc.

For more information, please visit

Bookeen Press Contacts
Clarisse Lazerges,
+33(0) 9 72 33 47 63
Jean-François Kitten,
+33 (0) 6 11 29 30 28
Ilinca Spita, (EN)
+33 (0) 1 83 64 77 06


Compact and ultra-light

Cybook Muse Light is compact (8mm) and ultra-light: weighting only 155g, it carries a whole library in the shape of a paperback book and offers the comfort of a display in electronic ink E-ink Carta 6’’ (15,2cm).

The light to read by day and by night

Cybook Muse Light offers all the key functionalities of a reader with FrontLight technology that enables its use anywhere, even in the dark. This functionality has been embraced by 80% of e-reader buyers since 2015.

Touchscreen, yes, but also the buttons!

On its 6’’ (Odyssey et Muse) range Bookeen has a touchscreen display but also physical buttons for those who prefer turning the pages without touching their screen. Bookeen is one of the few offering this alternative.

An ultra-optimized Caecilian font

Cybook Muse Light integrates an optimized font for e-readers. The precision of the letters, the clarity of the curves and sharpness of the contrast, everything has been thought to enhance the experience of reading.

Download in total freedom

Cybook Muse Light are compatible with most of the digital ebook stores including In complete freedom, the reader can download in a couple of seconds hundreds of thousands of eBooks.

Books to discover

For the first literary adventures, the e-reader includes free contents

A complete offer at a soft price

Thanks to a reader integrating all the functionalities including illumination, Bookeen and Cybook Muse Light position in a price range where most readers don’t offer FrontLight.

Main characteristics

  • Capacity touchscreen
  • E-Ink Carta Display (800×600) 167 PPI
  • FrontLight: 20 levels of intensity
  • Dimensions: 116 x 155 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 155g
  • Physical buttons
  • 4GB internal memory
  • Micro SD card
  • Wi-Fi
  • 1-month battery life
  • Interface in 30 languages
  • Color: black


A HD E-Ink screen to ease the eyes

Cybook Muse HD integrates a screen offering an amazing definition (1448 x 1072) of 300 dots per inch, for an effortless reading and an exceptional precision.

A flat screen for a face-to-face with the page

Cybook Muse HD has a flat design based on the screen technology “edge-to-edge” that offers an exceptional visibility of the page.

An elegant reader

Cybook Muse HD has a 6’’ (15,2cm) display and is compact to easily read in all conditions. The reader has a grey elegant casing with a soft touch treatment that offers a pleasant hold.

An interface thought for the reader

More than the design, Cybook Muse HD offers a rich interface that enables to create collections, text search, export annotation, and book progression.

Touchscreen, yes, but also the buttons!

Why should touchscreens be incompatible with the possibility to turn the pages with physical buttons? Cybook Muse HD has found a compromise, making it possible to turn the pages with one hand thanks to nice buttons at the right and left of the reader.

A huge library!

Cybook Muse HD has a memory of 8GB and integrates a microSD card, giving book lovers the possibility to stock thousands of books.

Download in total freedom

Cybook Muse are compatible with most of the ebook stores including In complete freedom, the reader can download in a couple of seconds hundreds of thousands of eBooks.

Books to discover

For the first literary adventures, the e-reader includes free content

Main characteristics

  • Multi-point touchscreen
  • E-Ink Carta HD Display (1448 x 1072) 300 PPI
  • FrontLight: 20 levels of intensity
  • Dimensions: 116 x 155 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • Physical buttons
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Micro SD card
  • Wi-Fi
  • Color: sweet gray

Cybook update: calling all beta-testers!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Cybook Update

The past few months our dev team has been hard at working on an update for your Cybooks with some new features we think you’ll be very happy about. What, for instance? Well…

  • Reading time indications (time left before the end of the chapter / the end of the book)
  • Notes export
  • Library: optimisation of the sort order depending on the active view
  • Library: sort by file name
  • New keyboard localisations
  • Multi-line keyboard for note taking
  • Menu: new icons
  • NB For the beta-test, the new features are labelled in English and French only. Of course, translations in all the languages available for the interface will be included  in the official release.

Like the last time, before making this upgrade publicly available, we’d like to have a short beta-test with a small group of experienced users.

So, Cybook Odyssey, Muse & Ocean users, if you would like to be the first to discover all the new features our dev team has been working so hard on, hurry and sign up!

How can I participate?

Visit our online support and sign in to your Bookeen account.
Then “Submit a ticket” and request the Beta-test.
Don’t forget to fill in your name and the serial number of your Cybook!
You’ll find the serial number on the back of your Cybook, or in the “About” menu available from the home page.

Next, charge your Cybook’s battery! The test will be launched very soon with the update available starting tomorrow, so quick, grab your keyboard and sign up!

How can I submit my feedback?

Go back to our online support and sign in to your Bookeen account.
Then “Submit a ticket”, select the Beta-test, and then “Feedback”.


/!\ NB Due to hardware incompatibility, this update will unfortunately not be available for the first versions of the Cybook Odyssey, manufactured in 2011 and 2012. Thank you for your understanding.

Happy reading, and happy beta-testing!
Bookeen Team

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Firmware upgrade for Cybook Muse, Cybook Odyssey

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Firmware upgrade « Boo reader 6.3 »

This upgrade is available for Cybook Muse, Cybook Odyssey Essential and Cybook Odyssey FrontLight 2 (new editions)

Previous generations of Cybook Odyssey (edition 2013 and earlier) have already been updated.

Bookeen Cybook Muse


  • The crash when booting from sleep mode on some Cybooks (Muse) is corrected
  • Button activity is ameliorated
  • The « disappearance of the library » bug is corrected
  • The inverted buttons option has been added to Cybooks Odyssey Essential and Frontlight 2

New features

  • The English language Cambridge dictionary 2014 has been added
  • A light English to French dictionary  has been uploaded


  • Make sure your Cybook’s battery is charged, then just connect your Cybook to a Wi-Fi network and follow the procedure…

Enjoy your reading!
Bookeen Team

Bookeen presents the Cybook Muse and Cybook Ocean

Monday, October 20th, 2014
Press Release: Cybook Ocean and Cybook Muse – Paris, 17 Octobre 2014

CYBOOK MUSE: The Inspirer

Bookeen announces the launch of their new line of 6″ E-Ink HD
e-readers featuring a compact and inviting “edge to edge” screen, providing an incomparable reading experience.

UPDATE 27 October 2014: find the full technical specifications for the Cybook Muse and Cybook Ocean at the end of the article.

Cybook Muse

Bookeen enriches its line of e-readers with the launch of 2 new models: Cybook Muse Essential and FrontLight.

New signature design for an inspiring reading experience
The Cybook Muse has a redesigned “edge to edge” screen, offering exceptional page visibility.

A streamlined design
The Cybook Muse has a 6’’ (15,2cm) screen allowing for easy reading in all conditions, while the size of the e-reader has been reduced by 17% in comparison to its predecessor, the Cybook Odyssey.

The E-Ink HD display is easy on the eyes
The Cybook Muse HD Display (758 x 1024 resolution) offers a brilliant resolution of 213 DPI, providing for comfortable reading.

A refined style
The interface is light, pure and sleek. The ergonomic design has been completely reinvented, while respecting the new design. This is where easy readability meets efficiency in navigation.

An enriched interaction
The Cybook Muse offers a rich interface with its new functions and possibilities like creating collections, searching text, organizing notes, customizing options and managing a menu of parameters of text that has been completely rethought, as well as a new PDF mode.

The new ultra-optimized Caecilia font
The Cybook Muse debuts a new optimized font for the e-readers. The precision, the clarity of the curves and sharpness of the contrast, no detail was omitted in the consideration of the elevation of reading enjoyment.

Turn pages how you’d prefer
Why shouldn’t you have the ability to use a touch screen to turn pages as well as actual buttons? The Cybook Muse compromised nothing. Turn the pages with the touch of a finger or with the buttons located on the right and left of the e-reader.

A practical size
With a width of 8mm and a weight of 190 grams, the Cybook Muse easily glides into pockets or handbags for simplified mobility.

An affordable price
The HD display screen, the innovative design and the rich technical specificities; the Cybook Muse offers a high quality product at a competitive price.

The Cybook Muse is connected to digital bookstores and readers can access hundreds of thousands of eBooks.

Protective Covers
With only 5mm added to the thickness of the e-reader, the protective cover for the Cybook Muse features an optimized design which is available in 4 colors: black, red, pink and orange.

2 Models
Cybook Muse Essential Fully equipped and beautifully designed e-reader
Suggested Retail Price: 79.90€ incl. VAT / 99 USD

Cybook Muse FrontLight Equipped with the latest technology FrontLight for comfortable day or night reading.
Suggested Retail Price: 99.90€ incl. VAT / 129 USD

CYBOOK OCEAN: As far as the eye can see

Bookeen announces the launch of the Cybook Ocean, the world’s thinnest e-reader with an 8 inch “edge to edge” screen

Cybook Ocean, prochainement disponible

Cybook Ocean, available for pre-order starting the 5th of November

For readers in search of a larger screen for more comfortable reading, Bookeen introduces its newest e-reader with an enlarged screen.