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Bookeen innovates by launching the first integrated solar cover that charges the reader

Thursday, September 15th, 2016
PRESS RELEASE: Paris, September 15, 2016


Bookeen is writing a new chapter in the history of technology by offering a cover able to charge the reader thanks to a photovoltaic sheet.

A solar cover for Cybook Ocean

Solar energy accompanies us in the world of literature.

This solar sheet dresses Cybook Ocean with elegance, equipped with a big 8-inch screen. Today, the joy of digital reading overcomes all constrains, through the ability to read in the dark thanks to the FrontLight technology, in full sunshine without reflection on a E-ink screen while gaining in battery life thanks to this new solar cover.

On a hike, on the beach or in the park, it is therefore possible to charge its reader by sunlight without cluttering up with spare batteries, cables and plugs. Because reading is a simple, personal and authentic pleasure, Bookeen favors a natural way of charging to intensify this special moment.

An exclusive design


Rather than adding a bulky external charger, photovoltaic cells are invisible and perfectly integrated in a unique and exclusive design carefully thought by Bookeen (the cover is particularly thin). They are dissimulated by an elegant tree leaf that reminds us of the essence of paper, suggesting natural photosynthesis. Through technology, the leaf, source of life, becomes once again a fundamental element of reading.

For Michael Dahan, founder of Bookeen: “Thanks to the progress made in energy recovery and the extreme frugality of electronical ink screens, Bookeen offers for the first time to the world an independent reader that permanently charges using light. Going on a deserted island with your reader is now a dream-come-true”.

How it works

With this innovative product, the 125 cm² / 19 inch² of protection cover integrate an optical printed grid to solar modules. Thanks to the photovoltaic effect (production of energy using a light source), the solar modules react and enable to independently charge the reader. The solar cover feeds on rays and therefore extends the battery life of the reader.


A one-hour exposure of the cover in alluring brightness (25 000 lux et +) is enough to charge the reader for one more day of reading autonomy (30 minutes of daily reading).

Two companies of the French Tech

To develop this solution, Bookeen has joined another French company, SunPartner technologies, by using the Wysips Graphics® technology in the cover.

Sustainable innovation!

Users are searching for efficient and simple solutions for the autonomy of their electronical devices. The innovation that Bookeen offers puts forward products with clean energy and non-polluting like sun energy.

Availability and price

The Solar Leaf Cover will be available from September 15 at the price of 59,99 € TTC / 67 USD / 50 GBP at

This cover is exclusively compatible to Cybook Ocean of Bookeen.

The Solar Leaf Cover will also be available for Carrefour’s reader 8’’ Nolimbook XL in all Carrefour distribution chain.

Bookeen in short

Based in Paris, Bookeen is the French leader of digital reader solutions. The superiority of its technical quality and its digital reading solutions have allowed Bookeen to develop partnerships with large retailers, independent bookstores, and numerous distribution leaders like Brazil’s Saraiva, France’s Carregour in a number of European countries, Adlibris in Sweden, Norway, Finland, or E.Leclerc.

The library offers more than 200 000 ebooks available in just several seconds on readers and the web.

For more information, please visit

Bookeen Press Contacts

Clarisse Lazerges, +33 (0) 1 83 64 77 06

Jean-François Kitten, +33 (0) 6 11 29 30 28

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Bookeen will release this summer, the first cover that recharges e-books thanks to invisible solar cells, in partnership with SunPartner

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016
Press Release: Paris, Barcelona February 22nd 2016

At Mobile World Congress 2016, Bookeen and SunPartner Technologies, announce, for this summer the launch of the first solar cover for e-books using the Wysips Graphics® technology. This new technology provides a new advantage for e-reading, an unprecedented battery life and hours of uninterrupted reading.
Bookeen Solar Cover for Cybook Ocean

Freely, and with style!

Bookeen will release this summer in Europe, an innovating cover for e-books embedding invisible solar cells. This major innovation will give even more freedom to readers in terms of mobility, to live without restraints, the pleasure of reading. The anxiety of lacking power before finishing your chapter is over. At the beach, in a park, during transportation, it is now possible to recharge your e-book as simple as that, without noticing.

As a matter of fact, this new useful disposal will be very elegant, as the solar cells will be covered by a harmonious pattern.

A lasting innovation!

Users are looking for efficient solutions for their electrical devices’ battery life, and favoring clean energies such as solar power.

How it works?

On this innovative product, the cover’s 125cm2 protection is composed of a printed optical network combined with solar modules enabling to recharge the e-book thanks to photovoltaic effect (production of electricity thanks to a light source). A reader that would expose outside their cover during an hour in good light conditions (25 000 lux and more) would give an adding day in battery autonomy for their e-book.

A #FrenchTech partnership

By using Wysips Graphics® technology, Bookeen will provide early summer 2016 a cover for their Cybook Ocean e-book before being extended to other devices from the pioneer brand in e-reading.

For Ludovic Deblois, CEO of SunPartner Technologies, “This new partnership with a “French Tech” pioneer like Bookeen in the e-reader market demonstrates the real added value of our Wysips Graphics® innovation for users of mobile and connected devices.”

As for Michael Dahan, co-founder and CEO of Bookeen, ” This new cover for the Cybook Ocean has an invisible charging mechanism making your product almost autonomous. The product recharges itself without you noticing it. We benefit from the very weak energy consumption of our e-books and of the SunPartner technology, for this world premiere”.

About SunPartner Technologies

SunPartner Technologies is a high-tech engineering company specializing in Solar NETs (New Energy Technologies). Since 2008, they’ve been developing the transparent PV component Wysips® that seamlessly integrates into any surface, transforming it into a solar panel. Based in Aix-en-Provence, France and growing worldwide, the company regularly receives awards both for its innovation and from the business community, such as the Nobel Sustainability® Clean Tech Company award in 2013 and Technology Pioneer 2014 from the World Economic Forum.

About Bookeen

Based in Paris, France, Bookeen is the European leader in e-reading solutions. The incomparable quality of its solutions and e-readers have enabled them to develop partnerships with both large chains and independent bookstores, as well as several leading large-scale retailers such as the Brazilian Saraiva group and the Carrefour group for example.

For more information, please visit

Press Contacts


Clarisse Lazerges, +33 (0) 1 83 64 77 06

Jean-François Kitten, +33 (0) 6 11 29 30 28

SunPartner Technologies

Marion Chanson +33 (0) 6 15 71 16 76

Cybook Parade contest: The Return

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The Cybook Odyssey certainly does get around, it’s the least we can say, and we’ve been consumed by curiosity to discover what they’ve been getting up to since we’ve been sending them out into the wide world!

So, we thought to ourselves, “Let’s have another Cybook Parade, special Odyssey edition!”

How it works: you’re out and about with your Cybook. You take a photo of it, wherever you are, wherever you like to read… in your comfy chair, in your garden, in the café, in the park, in the subway, at the beach, on holiday…

The photos will be posted in our facebook album “Cybook Parade”; you can upload them directly to our page, or email them to communityATbookeenDOTcom; please mention “Cybook Parade” in the subject line.

We welcome photos of all Cybooks but this time the focus will be on the Cybook Odyssey, the newest member of the family!

The best photos will win a prize! If your photo is selected, you’ll win a cover or other accessory for your Cybook. The winners will be announced on our blog, every 2 weeks for the duration of the contest (one month).

The small print: by sending us your photo, you agree that we can post it on facebook and / or on our website / in articles about Bookeen.

Good luck everyone!

The Bookeen Team

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Cybook Parade: Who will win a cover in July?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Whose photo will be the winner this month in our Cybook Parade? Will it be yours? There are only a few more days to send in your photo before the end of July! Send us a photo of your Cybook out and about and you could win a cover. Email your photos to community[at] or post them directly on our facebook page. Don’t miss our photo albums on facebook, we’ve got some amazing photos of Cybooks from all over the world! Good luck!

Happy reading,

The Bookeen team

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*NB: The small print: by sending us your photo, you agree that we can post it on facebook and / or on our website / in articles about Bookeen.