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Bookeen: The first 10 years

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

What comes next? Stay tuned to find out!

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2012: The age of enlightenment

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Bookeen Story: Chapter 6

2012 brings the most important innovation since the introduction of the first e-ink readers, in 2007. E-ink’s major advantage is its supremely comfortable paper-like display, for a reading experience comparable to a paper book, a vast improvement over backlit screens such as those of tablets or smartphones. And, like a paper book, these displays need an external light source. An e-ink reader is unbeatable in bright sunlight, but unreadable in the dark! Along with colour displays, integrated lighting is one of the most requested features by readers, eager to find a reading solution suitable for all circumstances.

Cybook Odyssey HD Frontlight

In response to this constraint, Bookeen adds a transparent film over the screen, which diffuses light from integrated leds. This light is sent towards the screen, just like that of a traditional lamp, rather than being emitted by the screen and sent towards the eyes. Bookeen calls this technology FrontLight; it allows for optimised contrast in dim lighting conditions, and even to read in total darkness, without sacrificing the legendary comfort of the e-ink display.

In January 2012, Bookeen decides to pair this technology with a high-definition screen to even further improve the display quality, and will be one of three brands in Europe to introduce this revolutionary technology at Christmas 2012.

Along with this technical development, spring brings an acceleration in Bookeen’s partnerships. A partnership with TEA, for the bookstores integrated in the Cybooks at Cultura and Decitre, then in June with the leading Swedish bookseller Adlibris, and Thalia with their 300 bookstores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland… along with many others like Le Furet du Nord, Orell Füssli in Switzerland…

In all these partnerships, Bookeen brings to the table our experience, technical know-how and solutions for developing ebook offers, while reinforcing the relationship between our partners and their clients. It’s with this independent and open mindset and focus on providing solutions, that Bookeen ends 2012 with the Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight as a best seller in numerous countries.

Our enthusiasm just as strong as in our early days, we’re enormously happy to measure the recent growth of the ebook market, and to see the many Bookeeners from around the world who have joined our community of readers, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We’re thrilled to see the lively discussions and shared love of reading. Whether you’re a Bookeen novice or have been with us from the beginning (users of Cybook first generations, we’re looking at you!) we’d like to thank all of you for being a part of this adventure with us; after these first ten years we look forward to many more!

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And retrace Bookeen’s first 10 years in photos, here: and on our blog, in the posts tagged “Bookeen Story

2011: The Cybook Odyssey

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Bookeen Story: Chapter 5

2011 brings two revolutions for Bookeen: the arrival of the Cybook Odyssey, and strong partnerships with major European bookstore chains.

After the nomadic Opus and the slim and elegant Orizon, the Odyssey is the result of several years of research to accelerate the migration of the electronic ink in the screen. This exclusive technology provides a responsiveness and speed previously impossible on an e-ink screen.

In February 2011, for the first time, Bookeen demonstrates video playback on an e-ink screen, then in May a new video demonstrates scrolling in real-time, opening new possibilities for touch-screen navigation. These two demonstrations soar to the top of E-Ink Infos “Best of 2011” list, more often occupied by US companies.

In November 2011, the Cybook Odyssey is launched. Bookeen’s HSIS (High Speed Ink System) technology makes it extremely rapid, as shown by the animated covers when you open a book, or the scrolling menus. Dictionary look-up is implemented shortly after launch, with a selection of dictionaries.

With its compact design, its touch-screen interface as well as physical buttons, the Cybook Odyssey is a holiday best-seller.

2011 also marks the beginning of new partnerships: with Virgin in France, and an Odyssey branded with the famous capital V, as well as a significant partnership in Italy with La Feltrinelli. These are the beginnings of a new model which will fully develop in 2012, in which Bookeen provides an innovative technical solution to major European booksellers, capable of managing the on-board bookstores of all our clients.

Cybook Odyssey signed by Harlan Coben

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And retrace Bookeen’s first 10 years in photos, here: and on our blog, in the posts tagged “Bookeen Story

Late 2010: The Cybook Orizon and the Bookeen Store

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Bookeen Story: Chapter 4

In light of the success of the 5-inch Cybook Opus, Bookeen decides to complete their offer with a larger model. In addition, this new Cybook will offer an on-board bookstore, accessible via wifi, and a touchscreen interface.

The goal of creating a super-thin device requires Bookeen’s team to perform technical prowesses, as Bookeen intends to propose a large screen device with an innovative design, without sacrificing the solidity and robustness of the reader.

At the end of October 2010, Bookeen pulls out all the stops with the launch of the Cybook Orizon, available in white and black, and the launch of their on-board bookshop, the Bookeen Store, with over 30,000 french-language books available.

The design of the Orizon is extremely elegant. Its extraordinarily thin profile, only 7.6mm, makes it the thinnest reader in the world.

Cybook Orizon, photo by Deividas T.

With this new arrival, Bookeen proposes on the one hand a highly portable reader, the 5’’ Cybook Opus, and on the other hand the larger 6’’ Cybook Orizon, with a touchscreen interface and on-board bookstore.

These two Cybooks will be the stars of a poster campaign in the Parisian subway, to coincide with the Paris Book Fair.

Serial reader?

Hungry for books?

The Cybook Orizon meets with great success during the holidays.

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