Cybook Ocean: First Look

Along with the new version of the Cybook Odyssey Frontlight, coming in November, Bookeen announces, for Christmas 2013, the Cybook Ocean!

Cybook Ocean, available soon

Happy reading,

Bookeen Team

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15 Responses to “Cybook Ocean: First Look”

  1. Kari says:

    Looks very cool! Can’t wait to get one!

  2. Henry Wood says:

    I’m in the queue!

  3. Anna T says:

    How much does the Ocean weigh?

  4. msmick says:

    I’m liking that screen size. Seems perfect I think.

  5. ilan says:

    Will it support epub3?


  6. Masaki says:

    Can I buy this from Japan?

  7. Jini says:

    I hope that the front light improved wrt. the Odyssey Frontlight.
    There, the actual LEDs were too disturbing and the light was a bit too blue for my taste.
    The images here are too artificial to see whether the light improved.
    Hopefully, the light of this device is comparable to that of the recent Kobo devices.

    That said, I love the design :-)
    Will there be a video to see the device in action?

  8. [...] di Bookeen. In Rete se ne parlava da qualche tempo ma l’ufficialità è arrivata solo da poche ore.Dalle foto pubblicate sul blog di Bookeen il Cybook Ocean sembrerebbe avere lo schermo [...]

  9. Bookeen Team says:

    Hello Masaki,
    I do not have information currently about resellers in Japan, however you can always purchase directly from our online store, and we’ll be happy to send it to you. :)
    Happy reading,
    Bookeen Team

  10. [...] Bookeen passend zum kommenden Weihnachtsgeschäft einen neuen eReader vorgestellt, der sich nun zum ersten Mal im Bild zeigt (siehe unten). Das Gerät hat ein acht Zoll großes E-Ink-Display, das mit 1.024 x 758 [...]

  11. Marc says:

    Available for xmas ? when exactly ? and where ? any shop in Paris that will retail it soon ?

  12. Stephen says:

    Hi, I am Stephen and I have an Odyssey by january 2012 and I am very happy about it but I want to go on a bigger display with frontlight.
    I have just seen the Ocean announcement but at this moment I have seen no exti date or price and if wish to buy one in few time.

    Give us more notices about the selling date.

  13. John Kjellberg says:

    Sounds great.
    Has it been possible to upgrade the web browser, browsing speed and compatibility with java and such?
    That is the really big thing I’m waiting for. Something good for surfing the web with the advantiges of E-ink.

    Keep up the good job!

  14. Svetlin says:

    Hello Bookeen Team,

    Your ereaders are really great and well designed.
    I spent few hours to compare and yours are unbeatable!
    Is there any update regarding Ocean?
    When it is expected to be ready for order? I want to order one Ocean!

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