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Cybook Ocean : first look at the interface

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Uncluttered Display

This new, large reading display comes with a new airy, uncluttered interface, for easy access to all your ebooks. All the essential features on the home page, intuitive menus, new search feature, improved notes and text management; everything has been carefully thought out for the comfort of the reader.

Take a look at some of the new features:

Cybook Ocean interface

Text search

Place your finger on a word to show the definition, or to search for other appearances in the text. Search for any word by typing it into the search engine with the on-screen keyboard. Navigate through the text as you like, from one passage to the next, go back to the list of results, or continue reading where you started your search.

Notes management

Instantly add a highlight, note or bookmark, without interrupting your reading. Simply indicate the passage you want to highlight by marking the beginning and the end with two fingers, or tap the upper right corner to add a bookmark.
The notes manager allows you to navigate through all the notes in your book, modify them, delete them and add new ones.

Text display

A new settings window lets you personalise all the essential elements of the text display. Text size and font family, line-spacing, margins, justification are accessible and adjustable in seconds. For those who want even more control, the advanced menu offers additional options.

Your personalised library

The new library on the Ocean lets you organise your ebooks however you like. Create personalised collections by series, by author, sort by genre, for the first time directly on your Cybook.

More new features will be integrated and presented throughout the coming weeks…

Stay tuned…

Happy reading everyone,

Bookeen Team