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Waiting for, the new firmware.

Monday, April 14th, 2008
Our team is actually working on the development of the new firmware. We are late for that first official update, nevertheless we are doing all that we can to supply you rapidly with your new firmware, integrating a maximum of new feature and bug fixes.
A first hint about what will be integrated in this upgrade is that it will sensibly change the navigation button management.

Cybook in university library

Friday, April 11th, 2008
Angers’ university library (France), is now sharing a new idea: experimentation on process and use of the Cybook Gen3 for the students.

They just got equipped with a dozen of Cybooks. Daniel Bourrion (librarian in charge of the digital library) will put Cybooks in students’ hands, allowing a better understanding of the use of eReaders on campus. For more information please visit the blog of Daniel under the heading “Mon e-reader s’appelle reviens”. Only in internal loan for the moment, the Cybook Gen3 will be available to students once system and uses be clearly established.

Le Cybook en bibliothèque universitaire

Friday, April 11th, 2008
La BU d’Angers vient de s’équiper d’une dizaine de Cybooks.

L’expérimentation menée par Daniel Bourrion (conservateur des bibliothèques responsable de la bibliothèque numérique) va permettre de placer dans les mains des étudiants les Cybooks Gen3 et de mieux comprendre l’usage des readers en université. Pour en savoir plus vous pouvez vous rendre sur le blog de Daniel, dans la rubrique «Mon e-reader s’appelle reviens». Pour l’instant en prêt interne seulement, les Cybooks seront mis à disposition des étudiants, une fois un système et des usages clairement établis.

Bookeen’s resellers network grows rapidly

Friday, April 11th, 2008
Bookeen is now close from gathering 18 dealers in 11 different countries.
You can find the Cybook Gen3 both on specialized online retailers like Justread in Germany or AppoloXXI in Spain, and generalist online sites as in Italy, Develop-it in Belgium or Dicoland in France. Bookshops are also reselling the device. Now, you can find the Cybook Gen3 in physical stores like Feltrinelli in Italy and L’appel du livre in France but also on online eBook retailers like Elittera in Norway and Booksonboard for the North American territory.
Lately, you can also find the Cybook Gen3 in outlets 5sur5 Powerstore, French network dedicated to new communication technologies, as well as on the Polish and Czech specialist stores eMedia and Acomp.
Finally, the Cybook made a noticed entry in the famous Brentano’s bookstore, located in the heart of Paris.