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Cybook Gen3 now on sale at

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Bookeen is proud to announce the availability of the Cybook Gen3 for sale directly on

We invite you to visit our shop section to discover the Cybook Gen3, the Deluxe Pack and its accessories.

The Bookeen website has been updated with many information about the device and its features.
Best regards to all,

Bookeen Team

Packaging pic

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

We will very soon open our online shop (and by the way add much more info concerning the Cybook Gen3 on the site). Here is a pic of the packaging of the Cybook Gen3.
Stay tuned, we will send a newsletter to announce the shop opening.
Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter at .

ePaper art on Expo in Paris

Friday, October 19th, 2007

The first ePaper Artwork has been presented during “les Elysées de l’art” a famous art exhibition in Paris. It’s our friend and artist Gilles Guias who proposes his artwork.
During the exhibition , most of the people who were looking closely at the artwork are litteraly stuned when the image changes.

Here is a video which shows the artwork in situation.

[dailymotion id=tRzOLhneawLqemTwM]
E-paper art exhibition, Paris.
Uploaded by olivier_nouvellet

Beta Mobipocket Desktop Reader supports Cybook Gen3

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
The Mobipocket team has just released a new beta version of the Mobipocket desktop reader for XP and Vista. This new version supports the Cybook Gen3.

Once pluged to your computer, the Cybook Gen3 will be automatically identified and registered as one of your reading devices. After your ebooks have been downloaded from any of the Mobipocket ebook retailers (Mobipocket, Fictionwise, etc.), your books are directly transfered to your Cybook.

The eNews feature will aslo allow you to synchronize your Cybook with feeds chosen among hundred thousands of RSS and eNews sources just by connecting your Cybook to your computer.
Additionally, you can import Office, Pdf, Html, Txt, Chm & Ocf documents.
PS: Currently, the Mobipocket ebook catalogue contains almost 55,000 titles and proposes more than 340,000 feeds.